Sunday, May 17, 2015

Musings and Thoughts in Verse Update

An excerpt from the middle of the book

Today is the Day
I dreamed an angel came to me
While I was fast asleep
Hovering by my bedside
To very gently peep
It seemed that words came clearly
Yet they were not said
Have you looked closely
At the life you’ve led
A hasty recollection
Of past and present flew
Before my eyes, lots of things
Some old, some very new
If only, well, I should have…
Excuses how they came
Even as they did so
It sounded very lame
Stuttering and stammering
Whatever could you say
When asked so unexpectedly
Could this be judgement day
Only hasty actions
Sharp words, unkind deeds
Fluttering fast into my head
Like a lot of weeds
Where were the decent things
Smiles, friendly chats
None came to mind to help
I really felt quite flat
Surely there was something
To lighten, lift, to please
Must I now beg for mercy
Fall upon my knees
Eyes they seemed to sparkle
Or eyes they seemed to be
As the angel smiled
Her words came clear to me
Your life is all accounted for
We have the total score
It is all written clearly
Now just one thing more
Forget about the past
It’s over, gone forever
Today is here, enjoy it
Today is now or never
Tomorrow may not
Come at all
It’s in the book of life
Today is now for living
With its joy or strife
Help a little, heal a little
Someone’s pain or sorrow
Do what you can now
Don’t think about tomorrow
Be yourself, don’t pretend
To be what others ask
You are unique, as mortals are
Don’t hide behind a mask
Suddenly all was still
No angel was in sight
Only dawn breaking
Bringing morning light
The peace and calm
That filled my soul
Made me vow
To fill the role
That God had given me to do
Always to myself be true 

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