Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poems to celebrate Summer from Nature's Year in Verse

The poems below are excerpts from Nature's Year in Verse, where you will find a poem for every month and season, and a selection of poems focused on occasions throughout the year.
Nature's Year in Verse is available as an ebook or as a part of the full compilation paperback of all Jessie's poems in The Complete Poetry Collection of Jessie Booth.

July Summer
This month is one of summertime
When the sun shines down each day
To bring warmth everywhere
Sending many a golden ray
Hot and humid also now
No cold wind will spoil the scene
A shower could just happen
Then no sign that it has been
On the beach, or in the park
People languish, laze around
To enjoy this summer sunshine
That in July is found
Children play with great delight
Just to be outdoors is fun
Till tired but happy off they go
Another day is done
Such is this time of year it’s true
With nature looking good
All is warmth, all is fine
In July as it should

A Summer Day
Sitting by the water’s edge
Without a single care
Toes trailing in the water
Shiny, pink and bare
Chewing on a piece of grass
Listening to the birds
Sun shining from a sky of blue
What need is there for words
Watching bee and butterfly
Flitting to and fro
Spiders running on the ground
Where is it that they go?
Summer sweet summer
The joy it can give free
To a young girl here
Who enjoys all she can see

Joy of June

June the month of weddings and more
Time is spent enjoying a sunlit shore
All is ease as summer sounds the call
To give light and joy around for all
Flowers bloom with colors that glow
To fill the senses with this special show
Summer fetes now begin to appear
With sideshows, games, all to bring cheer
Young birds are around learning the way
To chatter, fly and sing each day
Fields full of crops growing well
Blue sky above every hill and dell
A time of peace to lift the heart
Earth has given the greatest part
So much pleasure at this time of year
When everywhere is bright and clear
So June we salute you for all you bring
Light hearts that now just want to sing
One short month but as such
This is the one that has so much

These poems are from the ebook Nature's Year in Verse, and part of the paperback
The Complete Poetry Collection of Jessie Booth

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