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A Full list of the poems in Whims and Fancies in Verse

A full list of the poems in Whims and Fancies in Verse:
A Dream

Bottom of the Garden
The Spider
Nature’s Voice
Please Give Me
Snow Softly
Perfect Love
Christmas Stocking #1
Christmas Stocking #2
The Garden
Chocolate Dreams
Castle Calling
White Lady
Dragon Ways
Did You Ever
Love is the Song
The Sunset, A Busy Life, Bluebells, A Rainbow, Daylight Hours, Cat Calling, Winter Rest, Wind Force, The Apple Tree, Water Ways, So Much So Summer, Early Morning Light, The Yeti, Yew Tree, Country Living, Gentle Shadows, Inner Light, Snowflakes, Let Hope

Two favorite poems from Whims and Fancies in Verse:

A Dream
I had a dream the other night
I wish I could translate
Four black cats sat on my bed
Then a frog came with its mate
A porcupine then came along
And joined this strange collection
Followed by a dragonfly
Then a blackbird joined this section
The bed was getting very full
When through the door a goat
Came trotting in to join it all
Followed by a stoat
The porcupine moved over
His spines were very long
To make way for the blackbird
Who then burst into song
The next thing that appeared just then
A rabbit with long ears
Followed by a hedgehog
Shedding great big tears
The menagerie was growing
What a strange and varied crowd
Just then from beneath the bed
A cockerel crowed out loud
I wondered what would come in next
To join the bedroom scene
Question answered
On my bed appeared what might have been
A white mouse or a hamster
Maybe it’s a rat?
It is moving much too close to me
That’s enough of that!
Now into all this chaos came
The ultimate it seemed
That could be seen by anyone
Even when it’s dreamed
A unicorn stood by the door
Beautiful and proud
Making me want to shout
And exclaim aloud
So I did and then awoke
To an empty room
Only shadows in the corner
Were there left to loom
So if you could translate this dream
How very glad I’d be
Then I will go to sleep again
With my mind set free
Ready for another dream
To delight and enthrall it seems
Some strange and wonderful things occur
But only in my dreams

Bottom of the Garden
She tiptoed down the garden path
With bated breath she knelt
Upon the dewy grass at last
Then with her fingers felt
Under the cluster of the clover
Around the grass nearby
Then she withdrew her hand
With a happy little sigh
A little girl all alone
On a silent summer day
Had found the fairies had taken
Her gift of a ribbon away  
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