Saturday, August 5, 2017


Currently we are updating some of Jessie's ebook covers to give them a more colorful look, the books remain the same inside though. This is the latest for Musings and Thoughts in Verse.

And this is the latest cover for The Beauty of Nature in Verse

We slightly modified Playful Angels and Gentle Nature in Verse to give it a fresher look

The covers for Nature's Year in Verse and Whims and Fancies in Verse will remain the same

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Full list of the poems in Whims and Fancies in Verse

A full list of the poems in Whims and Fancies in Verse:
A Dream

Bottom of the Garden
The Spider
Nature’s Voice
Please Give Me
Snow Softly
Perfect Love
Christmas Stocking #1
Christmas Stocking #2
The Garden
Chocolate Dreams
Castle Calling
White Lady
Dragon Ways
Did You Ever
Love is the Song
The Sunset, A Busy Life, Bluebells, A Rainbow, Daylight Hours, Cat Calling, Winter Rest, Wind Force, The Apple Tree, Water Ways, So Much So Summer, Early Morning Light, The Yeti, Yew Tree, Country Living, Gentle Shadows, Inner Light, Snowflakes, Let Hope

Two favorite poems from Whims and Fancies in Verse:

A Dream
I had a dream the other night
I wish I could translate
Four black cats sat on my bed
Then a frog came with its mate
A porcupine then came along
And joined this strange collection
Followed by a dragonfly
Then a blackbird joined this section
The bed was getting very full
When through the door a goat
Came trotting in to join it all
Followed by a stoat
The porcupine moved over
His spines were very long
To make way for the blackbird
Who then burst into song
The next thing that appeared just then
A rabbit with long ears
Followed by a hedgehog
Shedding great big tears
The menagerie was growing
What a strange and varied crowd
Just then from beneath the bed
A cockerel crowed out loud
I wondered what would come in next
To join the bedroom scene
Question answered
On my bed appeared what might have been
A white mouse or a hamster
Maybe it’s a rat?
It is moving much too close to me
That’s enough of that!
Now into all this chaos came
The ultimate it seemed
That could be seen by anyone
Even when it’s dreamed
A unicorn stood by the door
Beautiful and proud
Making me want to shout
And exclaim aloud
So I did and then awoke
To an empty room
Only shadows in the corner
Were there left to loom
So if you could translate this dream
How very glad I’d be
Then I will go to sleep again
With my mind set free
Ready for another dream
To delight and enthrall it seems
Some strange and wonderful things occur
But only in my dreams

Bottom of the Garden
She tiptoed down the garden path
With bated breath she knelt
Upon the dewy grass at last
Then with her fingers felt
Under the cluster of the clover
Around the grass nearby
Then she withdrew her hand
With a happy little sigh
A little girl all alone
On a silent summer day
Had found the fairies had taken
Her gift of a ribbon away  
Whims and Fancies in Verse is available at Amazon

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poems to celebrate Summer from Nature's Year in Verse

The poems below are excerpts from Nature's Year in Verse, where you will find a poem for every month and season, and a selection of poems focused on occasions throughout the year.
Nature's Year in Verse is available as an ebook or as a part of the full compilation paperback of all Jessie's poems in The Complete Poetry Collection of Jessie Booth.

July Summer
This month is one of summertime
When the sun shines down each day
To bring warmth everywhere
Sending many a golden ray
Hot and humid also now
No cold wind will spoil the scene
A shower could just happen
Then no sign that it has been
On the beach, or in the park
People languish, laze around
To enjoy this summer sunshine
That in July is found
Children play with great delight
Just to be outdoors is fun
Till tired but happy off they go
Another day is done
Such is this time of year it’s true
With nature looking good
All is warmth, all is fine
In July as it should

A Summer Day
Sitting by the water’s edge
Without a single care
Toes trailing in the water
Shiny, pink and bare
Chewing on a piece of grass
Listening to the birds
Sun shining from a sky of blue
What need is there for words
Watching bee and butterfly
Flitting to and fro
Spiders running on the ground
Where is it that they go?
Summer sweet summer
The joy it can give free
To a young girl here
Who enjoys all she can see

Joy of June

June the month of weddings and more
Time is spent enjoying a sunlit shore
All is ease as summer sounds the call
To give light and joy around for all
Flowers bloom with colors that glow
To fill the senses with this special show
Summer fetes now begin to appear
With sideshows, games, all to bring cheer
Young birds are around learning the way
To chatter, fly and sing each day
Fields full of crops growing well
Blue sky above every hill and dell
A time of peace to lift the heart
Earth has given the greatest part
So much pleasure at this time of year
When everywhere is bright and clear
So June we salute you for all you bring
Light hearts that now just want to sing
One short month but as such
This is the one that has so much

These poems are from the ebook Nature's Year in Verse, and part of the paperback
The Complete Poetry Collection of Jessie Booth

Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Here!

The Complete Poetry Collection of Jessie Booth

We have been working on it for quite some time, 185 poems, 326 pages, this book incorporates all five smaller kindle poetry ebooks into one large paperback!
(Includes: Whims and Fancies in Verse, Musings and Thoughts in Verse, Playful Angels and Gentle Nature in Verse, The Beauty of Nature in Verse, and Nature's Year in Verse.)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Adventures of Ulona the Unicorn

The story of a young Unicorn and her friends, a short novel told in eight chapters, each one an island adventure. For ages 5-10

When the members of little Unicorn Ulona’s family are kidnapped from their island home by pirates, she must learn to manage by herself. But she soon discovers true friendship in the form of an escaped cabin boy, a Dodo bird, and a whole host of other colorful animal characters.

Musings and Thoughts in Verse Update

An excerpt from the middle of the book

Today is the Day
I dreamed an angel came to me
While I was fast asleep
Hovering by my bedside
To very gently peep
It seemed that words came clearly
Yet they were not said
Have you looked closely
At the life you’ve led
A hasty recollection
Of past and present flew
Before my eyes, lots of things
Some old, some very new
If only, well, I should have…
Excuses how they came
Even as they did so
It sounded very lame
Stuttering and stammering
Whatever could you say
When asked so unexpectedly
Could this be judgement day
Only hasty actions
Sharp words, unkind deeds
Fluttering fast into my head
Like a lot of weeds
Where were the decent things
Smiles, friendly chats
None came to mind to help
I really felt quite flat
Surely there was something
To lighten, lift, to please
Must I now beg for mercy
Fall upon my knees
Eyes they seemed to sparkle
Or eyes they seemed to be
As the angel smiled
Her words came clear to me
Your life is all accounted for
We have the total score
It is all written clearly
Now just one thing more
Forget about the past
It’s over, gone forever
Today is here, enjoy it
Today is now or never
Tomorrow may not
Come at all
It’s in the book of life
Today is now for living
With its joy or strife
Help a little, heal a little
Someone’s pain or sorrow
Do what you can now
Don’t think about tomorrow
Be yourself, don’t pretend
To be what others ask
You are unique, as mortals are
Don’t hide behind a mask
Suddenly all was still
No angel was in sight
Only dawn breaking
Bringing morning light
The peace and calm
That filled my soul
Made me vow
To fill the role
That God had given me to do
Always to myself be true 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nature's Year in Verse

Nature's Year in Verse

       A collection of poems focusing on months, seasons and special holidays throughout the year.

Time for Cheer
Christmas time is here again
The time for having fun
Parties are held everywhere
With room for everyone
Gifts are given, cards exchanged
Isn’t it exciting!
Tree is filled with decoration
And the pretty lighting
Shops are filled with presents
Perfect in the packing
There is something for everyone
If money is not lacking
More tolerance from traders
At least that is all free
As are all the street displays
For everyone to see
Just watch children’s faces
As they gaze upon the sight
The magic time of Christmas
Is in their pure delight
If we could only hold it
Make it last all year
The glimpse of happiness
This season of good cheer
Merry Christmas everybody
Say it loud and clear
All enjoy the goodness
At this special time of year
But as we cannot do so
Let’s make the most we can
Of happiness kindness
For our fellow man